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About Izzi's journey into art

Izzi Clarke was born in north-west England, spent several years in the beautiful Algarve and returned to the UK  countryside in 2021.  Izzi enjoyed art as from her childhood; winning prizes for her art on a local and national level as a child.  Encouraged greatly by her primary school headmaster, Izzi still remembers his advice to her to never give up her art (Thank you to Mr Davenport of Wellgreen Primary School).
Upon finishing her BSc Business degree in Sheffield, Izzi began training and working as a Chartered Management Accountant.  Izzi continued to explore a variety of art media over the years, taking courses to develop artistic techniques.   
A family move to the Algarve in the mid-2000s has allowed Izzi to explore her artistic expression and develop her artistic style on a different level resulting in a highly personal approach and perspective.  Izzi finds the freedom of creativity in art very liberating and therapeutic.  Her art is inspired by her respect of nature and the environment.  
Izzi is always looking for the next engaging project, experimenting with new media and art styles.

Paint Cans
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